Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Kiu aĉetas la domon ?

Laŭ la anaoco de Penang-o registaro, ili volas helpi la loĝantojn por aĉeti la domon. Bedaŭrinde, la kosto de la domo ĉiam legivas kaj la loĝantoj ne povas aĉeti la domon.

La registaro pensas, ke kunlaboro estas bona ideo.

“We are the first state government to introduce this scheme and this project is a start as we want it to be landed properties,” Lim said.
He noted that many low cost housing purchasers are not able to get approvals for 90 per cent or 100 per cent housing loans to finance the purchase of a low cost house.
“This scheme will allow more people in the lower income group to buy their own homes,” he said.


However, the major urban areas of Malaysia are facing increasing pressures on their housing markets, displayed in increasing land prices, and growing costs of housing. As a result middle income households are increasingly being squeezed out of their local market and housing affordability is fast becoming an issue for more than just those on the margins.


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